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Project IGI

Project IGI torrent download

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Hidden FPS You Love and HateProject is a tactical first-person shooter video game where you play as a secret agent tasked with obtaining information about stolen nuclear warheads. Developed by Innerloop Studios and released by Eidos Interactive in 2000, the game is called Project: I’m Going and has a stealth mission reminiscent of the Metal Gear Solid series. He produced a sequel called Covert Strike.

The Dangerous Life of a Secret Agent The project follows the story of Agent Jones, who is tasked with arresting Josef Priboi to obtain information about a missing nuclear explosion. You play mission levels in different places where you have to complete targets to approach the current Pribois. This will open when you have completed the previous task. Jones is followed through the headset by Anya, who gives him a goal to show the field; (function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); You start with 4 weapons: a combat knife and three different weapons. You also have a binoculars and a map that includes information about your progress and goals. To get more items like bullets, grenades, and medes, you need to research the current location, but their weapons and ammunition are easy to loot from destroyed enemies because they aren’t shot. It is therefore necessary to be patient and eliminate all hostile NPCs in order to maintain personal safety; The game emphasizes hiding as there are also cameras and alarms. You can hack the security building to turn off the camera for a few minutes, but it has a hidden timer, so it’s a good idea to cut it whenever you can. The alarm can also be turned off with a button that is pressed into place, but it will ring again if the enemy is alarmed enough. Unfortunately, they miss your presence; Prepare for your evil enemy AI disappointment is one of the main weaknesses of the game. They have limited visibility and sound if you shoot a gun with an unparalleled gun, usually they can’t hear it and may not even see the body if the distance is long enough. Also, the alarm does not affect all enemies, but this limitation may be due to the fact that there is no non-fatal lottery mode in the game that does not cause problems; Another problem with the game is the complete lack of a storage system. There is no checkpoint at the center of the task. When you die, the task fails and you are directed back to the top, all progress is lost and most tasks are long. This doesn’t help that you don’t have a way to drop enemies without noise, so this makes the game frustrating; The last problem is the lack of multiplayer mode, although this is not very important in the game. However, it is disappointing to see shooter games using stealth tactical mechanics, and they do not allow players to cooperate or conflict with each other like second-generation shooter games. : Hidden Strike has this space and the ability to save because of how many fans want a benchmark for Stealth games in the future. The project was really an expected game at the time because it had a different style compared to other FPS games at the time. Lack of essential features and boring AI programming as a whole in response to players ’actions have been made into an unsatisfactory experience.Amazing, but it is still popular andis now a nostalgic work for fans of childhood stealth shooters.

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